Paving the path for the future economic growth

Reaching our goals did not happen overnight.  It required an effort undertaken over the past 25 years, with many steps that had to be completed along the way.  With only 44% of business surviving past the first 5 years, our longevity is a testament to our team, our commitment and our customers.

The resources small businesses rely on have become more difficult to access. Weslease brings these resources within the entrepreneur’s reach. While we can provide the capital required to start or strategic planning to help growth, what sets us apart is our approach to treat our customer like a partner; their success is our success.

Our knowledgeable and efficient team brings years of finance know-how to every deal we structure. We make sure your financing experience is painless by keeping things simple and easy to understand.

Weslease has achieved strategic, sustainable and holistic growth, and contributed to the strength of our economy. The spirit of Weslease is to help nurture business growth and inspire Canadian entrepreneurs. For the past 25 years we have recognized, supported and celebrated homegrown success stories from entrepreneurs.

Consumer and investor values are changing. Integrity and trust are no longer optional they are mandatory for long term sustainability. As we have grown, we have remained accessible, we listen and we will continue to put our clients and investors first.


Because we succeeded means that we helped others succeed.

Helping others achieve their dreams, allowed us to reach ours.