About Weslease

We provide effective solutions and smart leasing options for a wide range of industries.

Our knowledgeable and efficient team brings years of finance know-how to every deal we structure. We make sure your financing experience is painless by keeping things simple and easy to understand. The team at Weslease can tailor a solution that will suit your business needs 100%.

Here at Weslease you will get expert advice, friendly, efficient service, and competitive pricing.


Weslease of Canada is a Financial Services group specializing in equipment lease financing across Canada and now we offer leasing in some US states.

Weslease of Canada offers lease financing for all types of new or used equipment, and even offer lease buyback solutions to help with cash flow issues.  No lease is too small or too complex. Because we specialize at creative financing, we have positioned ourselves to be able to arrange financing when conventional lenders can’t.

We provide competitive leasing rates in a quick, easy and reliable manner with total confidentiality. At Weslease, each and every lease is custom tailored to best suit your needs.

We believe the key to success is to make sure each client is completely satisfied with us as their financing partner and we work hard to make that happen.  We approach every leasing opportunity with a “how can we make this work?” attitude, as opposed to looking for reasons it won’t work.  If we can find a way to achieve securitization and protect our investors capital, we can find a way to make your lease happen.