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Why do clients choose Weslease over our Competition?

Weslease provides Equipment Lease Financing to clients who might otherwise be overlooked by our competition, or who do not want the delay and inconvenience of a traditional lender.

What do we mean by “overlooked”? Not all clients fit into a tidy checklist for Approved or Declined. Sometimes there is a very valid reason why there might be a blemish on their credit score. Cell Phone companies are a great example of this: If you argue roaming charges, and don’t pay while you try to remedy the situation, you may end up in the collection department and your credit adversely affected. If you have experienced divorce, and are unsure about what bills are in who’s name or which partner is responsible for it, there can be adverse effects.

These situations do not mean that these people are bad credit risks, they have just experienced situations that need tidying.

Most of our competition in the Equipment Leasing Sector is either bank owned or is a Lease Broker. Lease Brokers will write up the lease paperwork and then sell it to the highest bidder, so you may not know who your lease is with in the long run.

Other leasing companies may require large down payments, or will have a large balloon payout at the end of the lease, an amount you have financed for the entire term. So that means, even if you have a lower rate, your cost of borrowing is very comparable to Weslease.

Nobody likes having to pay a substantial amount of money for a three year old piece of equipment at the end of the term. Weslease offers 100% financing, with only a $100 buyout at the end.

The number one Weslease advantage is our SPEED.

We can usually process an application and provide lease paperwork within 30 minutes, allowing our lessees to acquire the equipment they need immediately.